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Help to standardize and optimize the work flow and improve the work efficiency and service level
  • Quotation reference


    Quotation reference--Reasonable price system, to provide you with the value
    of the optimization program and quotation.

  • Contract signing


    Contract signing--The two sides signed the contract agreement, and enter into
    the next step for the operating process.

  • Engineering design


    Engineering design--Safe and reliable professional design team, management specialization,
    guarantee the project to be delivered on time and high quality delivery.

  • Delivery and transportation


    Delivery and transportation--Timely and accurate delivery, tracking the movement of goods at any
    time, to ensure the safety of goods, on-time delivery to the site to ensure the smooth progress of the project

  • After sales service


    After sales service-- A full range of after-sales service, to
    show you continuous solicitude, save your time and energy.

  • 02/

    Customer visiting

    Customer visiting--Always welcome your arrival,
    to provide you with a full range of services.

  • 04/

    On-the-spot investigation

    On-the-spot investigation--According to the customer's different project
    requirements and on-the-spot investigation, customize to achieve the optimum design scheme.

  • 06/


    Manufacturing--normalized the operation, strictly follow the national
    standards, guarantee both quality and quantity

  • 08/

    Installation and debugging

    debugging and runing-- the technicist of High technical level, strong sense of responsibility to
    provide customers with professional installation and debugging preparation to ensure that the subsequent stability operation.

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