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20-3000T/D Fractionation project

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  • 01 | 20-3000T/D Fractionation project

    20-3000T/D sunflower oil,rich bran oil,corn germ oil fractionation turn-key project.

  • 02 | Why to Fractionation of crude oil

    Palm oil fractionation is a kind of new oil processing technology. With this technology, you can get palm oil with different melting points, like 33*C, 24*C,18*C,14*C,12*C,10*C,8*C,etc. you can get high purity of solid fat and high economic benefits.

  • 03 |How to Fractionation of crude oil

    It has two major steps: crystallization and separation. Firstly,make oil frozen so as to crystallize, then separate crystal from oil to get solid fat and liquid oil.

  • 04 | Oil Fractionation turn- key project

    It is with full computerized automation, low investment, high liquid oil yield.

  • 05 | Capacity of crude oil Fractionation

    We can undertake 5-5000T daily process capacity Turn-key project

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