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100-3000T/D oil pretreatment

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  • 01 | 100-3000T/D oil pretreatment

    Oil pretreatment process is different from the kinds of raw materials.our company could design and produce kinds of pretreatment project (or turn key project) for the customer accordingly.

  • 02 | Effect of oil material pretreatment

    Oil material pretreatment have big effect on the product oil quality and the machine production.The main
    purpose for the preteatment is to remove the impurities and prepare for the oil pressing to get lower residual oil and better oil quality.

  • 03 |How many tons of pretreatment

    Our company could provide kinds of capacities pretreatment machine,from 10tpd to 3000tpd etc.

  • 04 | Oil material pretreatment machine

    The main preteatment machine in the oil production line is Vibration Cleaning Sieve,destoner,permanent magnetic drum,crusher etc.

  • 05 | Oil material pretreatment precautions

    For different raw material and capacity ,the pretreatment process and equipment is much different.For the pretreatment of palm fruit,it is much different from soybean,sunflower,cottonseed pretreatment,please confirm with us your raw materail type and condition like impurities,moisture ect,and our engineer would design the proposal for you accordingly.

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