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10-200T/D Fatty acid esterification …

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  • 01 | 10-200TPD Crude Palm Oil Fractionation Production Line

    We have build 30TPD Crude Palm Oil Fractionation Production Line in Bangkok, Thailand in 2010. The machine is still running smoothly. And the customer is very satisfying, they keep in touch with us, and plan to have the next 30TPH Palm Oil Mill. When we arrived there for the exhibition, they are not only our customer, they become our partners in Thailand market.

  • 02 | What is Fractionation of Palm Oil

    The palm oil fractioning process involves two main steps: crystallization and filtration.During crystallization, the palm oil's triglycerides melt at different temperatures, fractioning the oil into liquid and solid components. The character of the crystals produced depends on the temperature, time and agitation used during the process. The fractioned palm oil then passes through a filtration process, dividing the oil into liquid palm olein and solid palm stearin components.

  • 03 |Features of Palm oil Fractionation

    Since the liquid has been filtered out, fractionated palm oil has a thicker texture than normal palm oil. A higher percentage of saturated fat accounts for this additional thickness. According to the American Palm Oil Council, fractionated palm stearin contains roughly 60 percent saturated fat and 40 percent unsaturated fat. And it's this solid fractionated portion of the oil that finds its way into many food products.

  • 04 | Usage of Fractionation

    Food manufacturers favor fractionated palm oil due to its stability and high melting temperature. Since it's more solid and resistant to melting, fractionated palm oil coats many chocolate products and other food items that could be compromised due to heat.Many supposed health foods and energy bars will use fractionated palm oil to helmaintain consistency

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