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1-20TPH palm oil mill

With a quick knowledge of our products, we will provide you with the most comprehensive details

1-20TPH palm oil mill

With a quick knowledge of our products, we will provide you with the most comprehensive details
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  • 01 | Technology Process Specification

    The palm oil is contained in palm pulp; the pulp is with high moisture content and rich lipase in palm oil mill. Usually we adopt the method of pressing to produce it and this technology is very mature. Before pressing, fresh fruit bunch will be taken into sterilizer and thresher to be pre-treated. After weighting the FFB, it is loaded to the FFB conveyor by loading ramp, then the FFB will be conveyed to the vertical sterilizer. FFB will be sterilized in sterilizer; the FFB will be heated and sterilized for several times to avoid the lipase being hydrolyzed.

  • 02 | Thresher

    After thel sterilizing of palm fruit, the FFB with bunch will be conveyed by the mechanical bunch feeder and enter the thresher machine which separates the palm fruit and bunch. The empty bunch is conveyed to loading platform and transport it to outside the factory area at fixed period, the empty bunch could be used as fertilizer and repeat use; The palm fruit which has passed sterilizer and thresher processing should be sent to digester and then go to special screw press to get the crude palm oil (CPO) from the pulp.

  • 03 |Impurity remove

    Pressed palm oil contains a lot of water and impurity which need to be clarified by sand trap tank and treated by the vibrating screen, afterward the CPO will be sent to clarification station treatment section. For the wet fiber cake which be produced by screw press, after separating nut, it will be sent to boiler house to burnt.

  • 04 | Impurity screening

    The wet fiber cake contains wet fiber and wet nut, the fiber contains about 6-7% oil and fat and a few of water. Before us pressing the nut, we should separate the nut and fiber. Firstly, the wet fiber and wet nut enter the cake breaker conveyor to be cracked, and mostly of the fiber should be separated by pneumatic fiber depericarper system. The nut, little fiber and big impurity will be further separated by the polishing drum.

  • 05 | Palm kernel process

    The separated nut should be sent to nut hopper through the pneumatic nut transport system, and then adopt the ripple mill to crack the nut, after cracking, most of the shell and kernel will be separated by cracked mixture separating system, and the rest of mixture of kernel & shell enter to the special clay bath separating system to separate them. After this processing, we could get pure kernel (The shell content in kernel 6%), which should be conveyed to the kernel silo to dry. After dried moisture as 7%, the kernel will be conveyed to kernel storage bin for storage; usually the dry kernel’s capacity ratio is 4%. So it should be collected until enough quantity, and then be sent to the palm kernel oil mill; For the separated shell, it should be conveyed to shell temporary bin as the spare boiler fuel.

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