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1-10 TPH small palm oil mill

With a quick knowledge of our products, we will provide you with the most comprehensive details

1-10 TPH small palm oil mill

With a quick knowledge of our products, we will provide you with the most comprehensive details
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  • 01 | Palm Fruit Reception Station

    Palm fruit bunch is transported to factory by truck, the truck full of palm fruit through the door into mill, after the weighbridge weighting, driving to unloading platform, unload the fruit bunch through Ramp into hopper.

  • 02 | Palm Fruit Sterilizing Station

    The fruit transported to sterilizer by FFB loading conveyor, sterilizing for 1 hour (3 bar directly heating by steam). In this process we should get ride of air, noise abated by silencer; the mixing be separated out is collected in catch oil pool to reclaimed oil, and the condensate be pumped to sewage treatment station.

  • 03 |Palm Fruit Threshing Station

    After sterilizing, the palm fruit bunch transport to threshing machine, the fruit have been threshed be conveyed to press station and the empty bunch loading away by truck.

  • 04 | Palm Fruit Pressing Station

    The palm fruit is conveyed to crushed tank by screw conveyor, the height of palm fruit can be controlled by feed back screw conveyor , after pressed by presser we can get crude palm oil and pressed cake. The cake will be transported to Box-type classifier by screw conveyor . And there is heating equipment in screw conveyor to stoving pressed cake., and blades on the rear of conveyor, will be Stirring pressed cake to dispersion. Crude palm oil though oil groove and Desalting tank into vibrating screen , after remove dregs the crude oil will be sent to Clarification station.

  • 05 | Crude Palm Oil Clarification Station

    With pump , the crude palm oil(with much impurities) be transported to Clarifying tank and then overflow to oil tank. We can get CPO after dehydrated by Centrifuge and Vacuum drier. The oil sludge on the bottom of Clarifying tank will be transported to storage tank, and after littler cleaning by filter, will get in Decanter Centrifuge to recovery oil which convey back to Clarifying tank. The oil tank is for collected oil from wast water.

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