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Palm fruit presser

With a quick knowledge of our products, we will provide you with the most comprehensive details

Palm fruit presser

With a quick knowledge of our products, we will provide you with the most comprehensive details
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  • 01 | Introduction of oil mill machinery for palm

    Introduction of palm oil mill machinery:
    Small palm oil press machine is mainly used to handle small tonnage of palm fruit, small palm oil press machine is generally used for home workshops. Can handle 300-500kg of palm fruit per hour, can handle 8-12T palm fruit every day.
    Small oil press machine structure is reasonable, easy operation and maintenance, motor or diesel engine can be used as a driving force, effectively reducing the labor force, improve the output. The oil is red brown oil, can be eaten directly or further refined.

  • 02 | Advance of oil mill machinery for fruit

    Advance of oil mill machinery for fruit:
    1, The oil extraction rate is high: the use of directional pressure, a squeeze the net, the oil rate than ordinary oil press increased by 10% or more.

    2, Production capacity: strengthen the oil press to improve the feed system, increase the speed of advance, work efficiency increased by 30% or more.

    3, Automatic temperature control: press can automatically control the press temperature.

    4,Oil press machine the internal set of vacuum shunt, oil, residue can be effectively separated; safe and convenient: compact structure, take up less space.

    5, The oil press is fully enclosed protection, safe and convenient operation; durable:

    6, The body with high-quality wear-resistant steel and anti-fatigue casting, stable performance, long-term continuous work;

    7, Machine table with the latest material from electrostatic spraying, strong adhesion, greasy, high temperature, both beautiful and clean, and clean.

  • 03 |Two kinds process of oil mill machinery for palm

    Two kinds process of oil mill machinery for palm:
    Palm oil content and high oil content of peanuts, sesame seeds and other oil crops are roughly the same. In general, palm oil press equipment according to the different nature of the oil is divided into palm nuts professional crushing equipment and palm oil pressing equipment.

  • 04 | Palm oil press

    Palm oil press: palm fruit after the fermentation, peel, broken crushing, 1. liquid oil (this part of the grease impurity content is too high can not count palm fruit oil, it needs to be filtered to filter out most of the impurities). 2 fiber cake residue, fiber cake residue after shattering, and then through the role of the wind out of which the palm kernel, palm kernel after polishing, crushing and other processes to get palm nuts.palm nuts through a professional crushing machine, get palm kernel oil.

  • 05 | Profession process machine for palm fruit

    Profession process machine for palm fruit:
    As the structure of palm fruit itself is rather special, so press palm oil when the use of professional palm oil press equipment, according to the daily processing capacity to select the appropriate equipment, of course, due to the nature of palm fruit and palm kernel , Their oil extraction equipment, oil extraction process has some significant differences.

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