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Palm oil storage

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Palm oil storage

Palm oil is widely used in the world for cooking and food manufacturing. It is used as edible oil, crispy fat and margarine. Like other edible oils, palm oil is easily digested, absorbed, and healthy. Palm oil is an important ingredient in fat, mild property, is a good material for making food. From the combination of palm oil, its high solids glycerol content allows the food to avoid hydrogenation while maintaining smooth and effective resistance to oxidation, it is also suitable for hot weather to become a good pastry and bread products seasoning. Due to palm oil is loved by the food industry, its storage is very important.

Palm oil storage tank

Palm oil storage tank

Why the palm fruit to be adopted in the 24h to kill the fermentation?

First, in palm oil, acid formation is due to hydrolysis of either lipase or fatty acid catalase in palm fruits. The free fatty acids of palm oil are generally higher, due to the fact that lipases in palm fruits promote oil in hydrolyzed, unbroken fruit, less free fatty acids;

Second, in the unbroken fruit, the free fatty acids are very low, but once the cells are damaged, the fruit lipase is activated, in the early free fatty acids will rise sharply;

Third, the free fatty acid rise slows down until the lipase activity is deactivated. The level of free fatty acids in palm oil depends, in fact, on three factors: the degree of maturity of the fruit (too ripe fruit is easy to damage); the degree of ear pretreatment (bactericidal); and harvesting and lipase passivation Between the time of delay. Fermentation not only prevents the hydrolysis of lipase, but also to soften the fruit, so that the fruit can easily fall off from the fruit, easy to mash.

Why is palm oil used to go to miscellaneous better storage?

In the oil when supplemented by the removal of iron, which can indirectly control the oxidation. While paying attention to all the environmental conditions that promote the oxidation of grease. Conveyors, hoists are regularly cleaned to prevent contamination of the oil by dirt and broken matter from the planting area. Do not use copper, brass, bronze accessories, to prevent copper and oil contact. The reason is that copper is a strong oxidizing agent. In the premise of harming the oil, as far as possible to maintain a lower temperature. At the same time, try to make oil less exposed in the air.

What are the requirements for the storage of palm oil during storage?

During storage, the freezer is installed behind the factory vacuum drying section so that the oil falls to 45-50 ° C before entering the tank. After the oil is put into the tank, the tank is filled with an inert gas (carbon dioxide, nitrogen). You can also add some antioxidants in the oil, passivation of trace metals, to eliminate the oxidation of oil during storage. In addition, the use of large containers of oil, the oxidation can also control, but also reduce the oil splash when loading and unloading.

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