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Palm oil refining classification

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Palm oil refining classification

Palm oil is one of the top three popular oil kinds in the world together with soybean oil and rapeseed oil. More and more palm oil plantations are now set up in Guinea. It is a trend that palm oil mill will be mostly welcomed in near future.We have already built palm kernel oil extraction plant in Guinea, palm oil refinery in Bangladesh and so on. 

The purpose of palm oil refining: 

Palm oil refining, usually refers to the refining of crude palm oil. The presence of impurities in crude palm oil not only affects the edible value of palm oil and safe storage, but also difficult to deep processing, but the purpose of refining, not all the impurities in the oil are removed, but will be the food, storage , Industrial production and other harmful impurities to remove, such as gossypol, protein, phospholipids, mucus, moisture and so on to remove, and useful "impurities", such as tocopherol to retain. Therefore, according to different requirements and uses, will not need and harmful impurities removed from the grease to get a certain quality standards of refining oil, is the purpose of palm oil refining.

Palm oil refining process is shown below:

Palm oil refining process

Palm oil refining process

Palm oil refining usually includes degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization and fractionation. Palm oil refining classification is based on different uses and requirements, the use of physical methods and chemical processes, removal of crude palm oil harmful impurities and unnecessary substances, get some standard oil.

Palm oil refining classification:

Palm oil classification is divided into two kinds, physical refining and chemical refining.

Physical refining means removing gum in palm oil during process of degumming in special method and removing FFA in process of deodorizing by steam. 

Chemical refining, however, means removing FFA in a chemical way ( Acid-base neutralization). Gum and soap foot produced is separated by centrifuges.

Palm oil refining - Chemical Refining:

1.The finished oil is consistent and stable.

2.Excellent adaptability and less requirement to oil quality.

3.Less bleaching earth is added into compared with physical refining.

Palm oil refining - Physical Refining:

1.High oil refining rate, less oil loss.

2.No waste water discharged.

3.Especially suitable for oils of high acid value, and low gum content.

4.More FFA distilled out.

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