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Palm Oil Refinery In Bangladesh

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Palm Oil Refinery In Bangladesh

Palm oil is one of the top three popular oil kinds in the world together with soybean oil and rapeseed oil. More and more palm oil plantations are now set up in southern Asia and Africa countries.Some researchers have studied separately for different races (Europe, America, Asia), and the results show that palm oil is good for health needs. It is a trend that palm oil mill will be mostly welcomed in near future. Are you looking for the best palm oil processing designers and suppliers to open a palm oil refinery? Looking for a list of palm oil processing equipment? Now, Contact, you can easily solve all these problems.

Mr. Shahid is lived in Bangladesh. Four years ago, he become to a retailer of palm oil. After three years of sales. He thinks he wants to make more money through the local palm. Then he began looking for the right machine. After the study, he chose the palm oil refinery.

Palm oil refinery in Bangladesh

Palm oil refinery in Bangladesh

In the spring of 2015, he visit the supplier of palm oil refinery machine in China. After visiting the factory and discussing with the engineers in several suppliers, he chose our company. Then we began our cooperation. As the time shedule we discussed, the manufacturing, transportation and installation were finished step by step. In the September of 2016, the 30 tons palm oil refinery process began to run. He collect the crude palm oil in local farmers. Until now, his palm oil refining process is working well. His workers are more familiar with the operation.

Zhengzhou Qi'e Grain & Oil Machinery Co., Ltd is the leading supplier and manufacturer in field of palm oil processing. We has designed and built palm oil mill plant in many countries, including Bangladesh,Liberia, Indonesia, Nigeria ,Thailand and more. We provide premium quality palm oil mill as well as other palm oil processing equipment. Besides, we also have rich experience in turnkey palm oil mill projects. If you are interested in any of our products, please let us know!

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