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Palm oil production process

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Palm oil production process

Palm oil production process including the following steps:

Palm oil production process

Palm oil production process

First, the palm fruit passes through a process known as sterilization.The process may be carried out by roasting after the threshing process or by steaming / boiling prior to the threshing process. 

Second, palm fruit passes through a process called threshing, and each grain is separated from other fruits. Large palm oil plant will be fruit on the rotating drum to complete the threshing, and small palm oil production equipment is hand to kill the valley.

Third, squeeze out the palm fruit, the oil from the peel and pulp separated.Put the fruit in a large rotating device, begin to break down the fruit and release some oil. Followed by pressing, in which the heavy metal plate is mechanically pressed into the fruit and squeezed out of the palm oil. Press the hydraulic or pneumatic power can be used to squeeze a large number of palm fruit. And then diluted with water, filter out debris and impurities. At this stage, palm oil can be sold as a low quality palm oil, or sent for further processing.

Last, palm oil refining process and the fractionation process of palm oil. Palm oil refining process can remove harmful impurities in crude oil and affect the taste, color of the material, the use of physical or chemical refining methods, access to standard edible palm oil. During the fractional distillation, the palm oil is heated to separate the various triglycerides contained therein. This helps to separate low-quality oils from high-quality oils that are rich in essential fatty acids but contain less saturated fat than unclean palm oil.

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