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Palm oil mill need close palm fruit plantation

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Palm oil mill need close palm fruit plantation

Palm fruit has a strong chemical properties (easy to be enzymatic decomposition), so the need for a short time pre-treatment of palm fruit (fermentation).

Palm fruit contains a new high activity since the lipolytic enzyme, when the palm fruit peel is broken, this enzyme will promote the reaction of the neutral oil slurry, so that the neutral oil is decomposed into glycerol and free fatty acids, which will make the palm oil Value increases, and will increase the value of 1 fatty acid per hour (note: fatty acids in oil is the main important indicator).

palm oil mill

Palm oil mill

In order to make fatty acids valuable in quality requirements, it is necessary to deal with palm fruit in a short time after harvest, so taking into account the technical requirements and economic benefits, when building palm oil mill, it should be close to the palm fruit plantation to shorten the transit time and distance In this way, palm fruit can be dealt with in a timely manner to improve the quality of crude oil, in addition, there are many fresh water palm fruits and palm bars to occupy too much space, if the long distance transport, increased costs.

Palm oil and palm fruit

Palm oil and palm fruit

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