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Palm oil mill in Africa

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Palm oil mill in Africa

Africa mini palm oil mill, processing capacity from 500 kg / hour to 5 tons / hour. These small steel mills are designed specifically for the African environment. They are characterized by special purpose machinery imported from Malaysia and are matched with local inputs such as construction, steel structure, construction, tanks, ships and so on.

Traditional palm oil processing is one of the main causes of low palm oil production in Africa.

Due to the crude method of extracting palm oil from palm pulp, a lot of oil is still left in the pulp and lost due to this inefficient and wasteful process.

Part of palm oil mill

Part of palm oil mill

The modern palm oil mill processes palm fruits into final palm oil, with little or no waste, and rarely uses manpower.

The use of palm oil milling machines, this process usually requires sterilization and threshing to release palm fruit, the fruit mashed, and squeezed crude palm oil.

In the local and international markets, crude oil is further purified and dried for storage and sale.

If a palm oil processing plant is close to oil palm oil resources, then it can become a huge source of income. The two ways to make money from this project are:

Charge a service fee to mill/process harvested palm fruits for customers. You could charge a flat fee on a per kilogram or per hour basis. The value you offer to customers is a quick, easy and labour-free way to get their palm fruits milled and processed to palm oil.

Another popular method of making money from palm oil mills is to buy off harvested palm fruits directly from small-scale farmers,produce the palm oil and then sell directly to both local and international markets.

palm oil mill machine

Palm oil mill machine

This strategy has a greater potential for huge profits because of the mill’s capacity to buy palm fruits at low prices and sell the processed palm oil at a much higher price.

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