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Palm oil fractionation plant

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Palm oil fractionation plant

Palm oil fractionation plant:

Palm oil fractionation plant has three parts: stearin (palm stear), soft (palm) and central (part of palm). After separation of the palm oil, the palm oil will remain clean after 5 hours to ensure that it keeps the refrigerator flowing and transparent and improves the quality and appearance of the palm oil, which is more in line with people's eating habits and aesthetics.

palm oil fractionation plant

palm oil fractionation plant

Palm oil fractionation process:

Palm oil fractionation process

Palm oil fractionation process is divided into three parts:

1. Heat treatment process;

2. The formation of crystal nucleus process, through the cooling method to crystal growth and maturation;

3. The separation process of soft fats and solids with a plate filter.

In most cases, a fractional distillation is enough. However, for some of the higher demand industries, such as candy industry, you need two fractionation.

Our palm oil fractionation plant uses one of the best palm oil fractionation technologies and is your best choice, producing excellent quality, stable palm oil and stear products that meet your quality requirements and price standards.

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