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Palm oil filter machine

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Palm oil filter machine

Palm oil filter machine is widely used in edible oil industry. In the palm oil production process, the palm oil filter machine plays a very important role. The palm oil filter machine is an oil purifier that can be used for the processing of cooking oil. A palm oil filter machine is an oil filter used to separate solids and liquids in the industry. We offer palm oil filter machine very suitable for processing crude oil and refined oil, can also be used in the refining process of bleaching oil.

Palm oil filter machine

Palm oil filter machine

The use of palm oil filter machine is very wide, can be applied to clean waste water and waste oil. The filter cloth between the internal filter plates of the palm oil filter forms a lot of room, and the oil flows under pressure through the filter cloth and flows out of the tap under the filter cloth.

Palm oil filter machine product advantages:

1. Model is complete, diverse models, suitable for different needs.

2. Simple structure, easy operation, easy maintenance, easy to use, low loss.

3. Handsome appearance, can choose white, blue and stainless steel.

4. Filtration speed, high filtration rate.

5. Stable performance, reasonable structure, timely supply, after-sales service fast and convenient.

Our offering includes palm oil mill, small palm oil production machine and palm kernel crushing machines. We guarantee that all palm oil equipment meets international technical standards.

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