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What is Palm Kernel Oil?

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What is Palm Kernel Oil?

Palm kernel oil from the palm nuts of the palm kernel oil contains a lot of low-grade fatty acids, so its physical properties and palm oil is very different.

Fresh palm kernel oil is milky white or slightly yellow, like solid consistency, with a favorite walnut flavor. Palm kernel oil in the storage easier to oxidative decomposition, the taste becomes spicy. Palm kernel oil is a very common seasoning, because the cost is relatively low it is more and more widely used in the food industry. Its high oxidative stability and cholesterol-free and trans-fatty acid properties are particularly popular in refining products and fried foods, as well as good health.

Palm kernel oil

Palm kernel oil

The use of palm kernel oil:

Palm kernel oil through the sub-extraction, mixing and hydrogenation process and produce a lot of special grease, to meet the different requirements. Each kind of special oil, according to the food needs, have their own melting temperature. This virtually widens the demand for palm kernel oil. The palm kernel oil is used to make cocoa butter, and the taste is better than cocoa powder. With chocolate instead of cocoa butter to do the chocolate to eat up, melting in the mouth rather than melting in the hands. It is ideal for milk substitutes. Fill the cream with sugar, milk powder and brown man made of special oils, can be used in biscuits, sandwiches and cakes. Other products also improve the quality of chewing oil, such as toffee, caramel, non-animal milk powder and peanut butter and so on. Palm kernel oil is also used to make medium-chain triglycerides, which are especially made for those who can not digest and ingest ordinary oils and fats.

Palm kernel oil is better for environment:

Palm kernel oil is the most efficient oil-bearing crop. Unlike most other oil crops, each oil palm tree produces fruit year-round for more than 25 years. In Malaysia, palm kernel oil is only produced on legal agricultural land in compliance with Good Agricultural Processes. Fifty percent of Malaysia’s land area is mandated forest cover.

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