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Palm kernel oil refining process

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Palm kernel oil refining process

Palm oil is one of the top three popular oil kinds in the world together with soybean oil and rapeseed oil. More and more palm oil plantations are now set up in Guinea. It is a trend that palm oil mill will be mostly welcomed in near future.We have already built palm kernel oil extraction plant in Guinea, palm oil refinery in Bangladesh and so on. 

The purpose of palm kernel oil refining: 

The crude palm kernel oil getting from oil pressing or extraction plant certainly contain different amounts of non-oil impurities, such as mechanical impurities, free fatty acid, colloid, pigment, stink substances, moisture and wax, etc. These impurities will directly change the oil’s color, smell, taste, transparency, stability degree and nutrition, which not only affect the edible value, but also make the oil easy to deteriorate when storing.
The purpose of palm kernel oil refining process is to remove all kinds of impurities, and make the least damage to the neutral oil and natural antioxidants (tocopherol), so as to produce high quality oil produces.

Palm kernel oil refining process

Palm kernel oil refining process 

We provide the best sulotion of palm kernel oil refining process:

Palm kernel oil refining process usually includes degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization and fractionation. Palm oil refining classification is based on different uses and requirements, the use of physical methods and chemical processes, removal of crude palm oil harmful impurities and unnecessary substances, get some standard oil.

We are professional manufacturer of palm kernel oil refining machine. Zhengzhou Qi'e Grain & Oil Machinery Co., Ltd will customize the palm kernel oil refining process and solution for each of customer depending on their specific situation and needs.

The characteristics of our palm kernel oil refining process:

1. In accordance with the general policy of economic construction in your country;

2. Save energy;

3. Ensure the quality of refined oil;

4. Make full use of raw materials as far as possible, in an effort to achieve the maximize oil yield under the condition of quality requirement;

5. Comprehensive utilization of raw materials, finished products and by-products;

6. Make the oil refining production mechanization and automation, improve the operating conditions and reduce labor intensity;

7. Conforms to the safety operation specification;

8. Don’t bring environment pollution problem.

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