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No palm oil label will mislead consumers

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No palm oil label will mislead consumers

In Europe and America there is a part of the food companies will no palm oil (NPO) in its products printed on the label. Through this tab we can simply understand some of the information that our products do not contain palm oil. However, this label will mislead consumers, so that consumers believe that palm oil is harmful to the body. So far we have not found in the Chinese products are labeled NPO label.

No palm oil label will mislead consumers

No palm oil label will mislead consumers

In view of the above problems we need to consider two things.

What is the alternative to palm oil? Malaysian palm oil is green and healthy non-genetically modified edible oil. Palm oil is one of the most widely used edible oils in the world. Compared with other oil, it is very friendly to the environment. That is to say the same large area of land on the palm oil production efficiency is much larger than other oil such as soybeans and corn. If the consumer's demand for edible oil increases, then the destruction of forests and grassland will be the choice.

Label (NPO) will mislead consumers that palm oil is unhealthy? Usually, when a label mentions something that does not contain the product (for example, no gluten, sugar-free), this implies that the product is healthier to some extent The For those products on their labels printed on the NPO, the situation is just the opposite. Evidence from a large number of human dietary disturbances suggests that palm oil consumption does not adversely affect the risk of heart disease. In addition, the positive impact of tocotrienols derived from Malaysian palm oil on health has been well proven. These health benefits include the ability to regulate white matter lesions, which are associated with stroke prevention.

The nature of the label of the NPO label is considered in the minds of consumers in order to avoid the purchase of products containing palm oil, which is beneficial to the environment and its own health. But on the contrary it is wrong to understand. No palm oil label will mislead consumers.

For any entrepreneur, starting the palm oil production plan is a huge achievement, but keeping the development of a palm oil industry is another problem. Every entrepreneur faced many challenges when opening a palm oil factory. However, with determination and careful planning, you can overcome all these problems.

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