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Malaysian palm oil popular world principle

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Malaysian palm oil popular world principle

American food manufacturers like to use palm oil from Malaysia. This versatile and sustainable ingredient is available in many packaged foods, such as our favorite biscuits and oats. However, since today's consumers tend to choose their own food, why do food producers choose an oil that grows thousands of miles instead of locally produced palm oil? This is due to the fact that Malaysia has solved the problems faced by the palm oil industry main problem.

The physical properties of palm oil make it a healthy alternative to trans fats: 

Over the years, food manufacturers have used some hydrogenated oils (PHOs) to provide their products with a rich, creamy texture and long shelf life. The hydrogenation process causes a liquid oil, usually soy or rapeseed oil, to become a more solid fat. Unfortunately, this industrial process also produces a detrimental by-product, trans fats, into scientific research that increases the risk of heart disease. Food and Drug Administration in the world has severely restricted the use of PHOs in food supplies. Many food manufacturers have begun to use tropical fats, which are more stable at room temperature. Malaysian palm oil Balanced Fatty Acid Ingredients - 50% Unsaturated Fats and 50% Saturated Fats - Make it an ideal and healthy option.

Palm oil production pressure on the environment is relatively small:

In the 20th century, the Earth's population from 1.6 billion surge to more than 60 billion. Now our population has more than 7 billion. Experts suggest that to provide enough nutritious food for everyone without having to exert excessive pressure on the environment, it is necessary to turn to high-yielding and sustainable production crops such as Malaysian palm oil. Palm oil is extracted from the fruits of palm trees, and its production is much higher than that of corn, soybeans and rape and other major edible oil crops. The yield of an acre of palm trees is about 11 times that of soybeans, about 10 times that of sunflowers. In the main oil-producing crops, oil palm holds the least amount of land, but it produces the most palm oil. In addition, scientists are also studying to increase palm oil production, so that Malaysia can increase the pressure on the environment without increasing the palm oil production. In addition, as a perennial use of oil crops, the supply of palm oil is stable and sustainable, and is not susceptible to weather and other agricultural problems.

Malaysian palm oil has a unique flavor and thermal stability:

At the time of overheating, all the oil starts to smoke and oxidizes into harmful chemicals, but because of the high quality and physical composition of Malaysian palm oil, it is more stable than other oils. Palm oil has more than 450 degrees Fahrenheit, much better than other fumes. Olive oil began to degrade at 380 degrees Fahrenheit and 347 degrees.

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