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Malaysia deal with the major problems in the palm oil industry

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Malaysia deal with the major problems in the palm oil industry

For decades, the Malaysian palm oil industry has long been considered the leader in the palm oil production industry, which has successfully solved decades of worry about the global palm oil industry. The industry's groundbreaking national palm oil certification program addresses some of the key issues, including deforestation and workers' rights. Malaysian sustainable palm oil (MSPO) certification distinguishes the country's responsible palm oil from its rivals.Malaysian palm oil is becoming more and more popular.

Malaysia is the world's second largest producer of palm oil. In 2008, the tropical country became the first country to produce and export certified sustainable palm oil. By the end of 2019, the country plans to have 100% palm oil MSPO certification.


Malaysian sustainable palm oil standards prohibit deforestation. Malaysia has committed to retain at least 50% of land cover under natural forest cover. Production of land with high biodiversity values is not permitted unless strict compliance with national or national biodiversity laws is observed.

Protect workers' rights:

Malaysian sustainable palm oil standard requires clear and robust requirements for the health and safety of workers in the palm oil industry. Employees are allowed to form and join trade unions and promote collective bargaining agreements. According to Malaysian law, the MSPO standard prohibits the use of forced or trafficked labor.

Prohibit burning waste:

Malaysian sustainable palm oil standard stipulates that land use and waste disposal should be avoided using fire. Encourage biomass energy recovery and zero burns. The palm oil is extracted from the fruit of the palm oil and is similar to the production process of the olive oil. Unlike common oilseed crops such as soybeans, corn and rapeseed that need to be planted annually, oil palm trees grow and produce fruit for up to 25 years before planting.

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