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Brief introduction to palm plantation

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Brief introduction to palm plantation

Palm oil is one of the top three popular oil kinds in the world together with soybean oil and rapeseed oil. More and more palm oil plantations are now set up in southern Asia and Africa countries. It is a trend that palm oil mill will be mostly welcomed in near future. If you are interested in palm oil plantation and want to set up palm oil mill in advance,Qi'e will help you with our advanced technology and best quality machines. Here I would like to introduce you the general situation of palm oil plantation.

Palm oil plantation

Palm oil plantation

The commercial production of oil palm can be maintained for 25 years. Oil palm is the world's most productive oil-producing plants, nursery cultivation of brown seedlings, one year after germination transplanted soil, per hectare can be planted 138 palm trees, with an annual output of about 20-25 tons of palm fruit / hectare, 2-3 Year results, 8-15 years into the Wang period, to 18-20 years after the beginning of aging, production decreased, this time usually need to cut off the re-picking, picking workers per day can pick 60/70 string of brown fruit, palm The fruit grows on the large fruit string of the palm trees, and each fruit string is about 2000-3000 pieces of palm fruit. , Each tree 10-12 long fruit string, weighing 20-30 kg / string, the annual output of each tree twice. Oily 28% -30% palm trees usually. The origin of palm oil in West Africa. In 1870, palm trees were introduced into Malaysia, which was only used as a decorative plant. Until 1917 before the first commercial planting. In the sixties of last century, Malaysia in order to reduce the dependence on rubber and coffee trade, began a large-scale increase in palm oil production. Now the improved palm products have grown extensively in tropical regions of Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Which palm oil production is highly concentrated in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Recently, China has become the biggest palm oil market. Chinese palm oil consumption takes 17% of the global palm oil consumption. But what we are lacking of is the source of palm oil--palm oil plantation. So government pay more attention on palm oil plantation, we have set up the first palm oil plantation in Indonesia in 2008.

As a professional manufacturer of palm oil machinery. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality palm oil processing machines. If you or your friend wants to build a palm oil mill. Please feel free to contact us.

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