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Basic information about palm oil

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Basic information about palm oil

Palm oil is an important part of the world oil market. With the development of the global economy, palm oil with its unique nutritional content, relatively low market prices are favored by many industries, widely used in food and chemical and other fields. Global palm oil production is mainly concentrated in a few countries, and consumption is very common, so the international palm oil trade volume, accounting for more than half of the global total trade in vegetable oil.

After refining palm oil

After refining palm oil 

The basic situation of palm oil:

Palm oil is extracted from the palm oil palm trees, palm trees origin of West Africa, the late 18th century spread to Malaysia, gradually growing in Southeast Asia. At present, many countries in Southeast Asia, South America, Africa are planted palm trees. (RBD PO) and palm salad oil (RBD PKO) are obtained after the palm oil is boiled, crushed and extracted, and the crude palm oil and palm oil are refined and the free fatty acid, natural pigment and odor are removed. The According to different needs, by sub-mention, you can get 24 degrees, 33 degrees, 44 degrees and other different melting point of palm oil. Palm oil is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, in the food industry and chemical industry are widely used. Hydrolysis of lipase or fatty acid catalase in palm fruits causes the quality of palm oil to be stable and requires the use of nitrogen in a tank to ensure its quality.

The history of the development of palm oil:

The palm oil is extracted from the palm oil (Elaeis Guineensis), which has been used as a natural food for more than five thousand years. Oil palm is a result of four seasons blossom and harvest crops for many years. The commercial production of oil palm can be maintained for 25 years. Oil palm is the world's most productive oil plant, palm trees usually 2-3 years to start the results, 8-15 years into the Wang period, to 18-20 years after the beginning of aging, production is reduced, this time usually need to cut off Reinstall. Palm fruit grows in large trees on the palm trees, each fruit string about more than 2,000 palm fruits. The origin of palm oil in West Africa. In 1870, palm trees were introduced into Malaysia, which was only used as a decorative plant. Until 1917 before the first commercial planting. In the sixties of last century, Malaysia in order to reduce the dependence on rubber and coffee trade, began a large-scale increase in palm oil production. Now the improved palm products have grown extensively in tropical regions of Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Which palm oil production is highly concentrated in Malaysia and Indonesia.

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