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African oil palm and palm fruit status

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African oil palm and palm fruit status

Palm fruit is a small fruit of color. Many colorful palm fruits are gathered together to form a huge fruit group, shaped like a heart-shaped palm fruit. Oil palm has a huge acreage in Africa's tropical equatorial climate zone, from West Africa to central Africa, to East Africa and beyond. Africa's oil palm is not just for oil, but for quick snacks, sauces, food and raw materials, in a variety of popular, nutritious traditional recipes and home use.

Palm oil and palm fruit bunch

Palm oil and palm fruit bunch

African oil palm is a beautiful landscape, it is often difficult to get the palm trees on the fruit - palm fruit, because it grows on the palm tree trees, generally about 7 meters from the ground. Often, the leaves that are closer to the ground will eventually hang down and then die gradually. People will trim these leaves into brown branches, in order to make oil palm grow taller, for a variety of household uses, with green or dry pruning leaves. To harvest the ripe fruit, someone must climb the trunk, cut off the heavy fruit group, and then drop it to the ground.

The role of oil palm is not only in the cooking pot, the huge leaves for the useful household tools to provide a cool and material.

Oil palm is a constant gift given to the best way! The outer layer of yellow flesh is extracted by cooking and then mashed to produce a mass of fiber, which is usually used to set fire, plus red palm oil and yellow solid used in recipes. This leaves a nut like a small coconut. But there are more! Inside the hard shell is another vegetable fat, an opaque white fat that can be eaten or melted to produce another oil. First, break the center. Modern factories will take this step, but still very common, especially in more remote families, where the factory or cash is not easy to get.

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